Apprenticeship Academy in Minneapolis


Apprenticeship Academy in Minneapolis

Shape your future together with the Apprenticeship program of Bühler Minneapolis. This Apprenticeship Academy is a cooperation with the Industry Consortium for Advanced Technical Training (ICATT). As Apprentice you will get a high-level education with hands-on trainings and you will have the opportunity to build up a relationship with Technology Companies.


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The Bühler Apprenticeship Academy

The Bühler Apprenticeship Academy offers an apprenticeship for the next generation of Mechatronics Technicians. The apprenticeship is a formalized 3-year dual training program that combines structured on-the-job training and related technical instruction.


Our apprenticeship connects learning directly to the world of work. Apprentices are paid as full-time employees of Bühler Inc. for the entire length of the program and receive benefits.

This 3-year program is divided into modules with classes at Hennepin Technical College, Minneapolis, and the Bühler Apprenticeship Workshop in Plymouth, MN.

All training classes, tools, books, computer and uniforms are paid for by Bühler (contingent upon successful completion and employment commitment).

Upon completion of the program the apprentices earn their associates degree of applied science in Automation Robotics Engineering Technology from Hennepin Technical College, a journey workers card from the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry, along with a Mechatronics Technician Apprenticeship Degree from the German American Chamber of Commerce.

Mechatronics Technician Profile



  • Repair, install, troubleshoot, inspect and modify Bühler and other manufacturers' equipment both at customer sites and Bühler locations
  • Assess customer's maintenance and spare part needs 
  • Provide input for improvements in equipment and processes
  • Promote Bühler Customer Service and help customers plan future service
  • Fabricate, test and maintain electro-mechanical assemblies 
  • Install and configure programs for hardware and software components 
  • Create technical documents such as blueprints, assembly and instruction manuals


This is a great opportunity to better myself at the individual level and group level. Through education and higher skill based learning at the individual level, and understanding and team building at the group level. The BAA for me has been a way to better improve my life and further my career in a company that I hope to work with for many years to come.

Peter Carver, 3rd year Apprentice

Four-year college is not the only path to a stable career with upward mobility. ICATT Apprentices earn a debt-free associate degree and gain skills for an in-demand field. On average, apprentices who complete apprenticeship programs earn $ 300'000 more over a career than their peers who don't. Most ICATT Network Companies even offer a job guarantee upon completing the ICATT Apprenticeship Program.


The ICATT Apprenticeship Program offers training with a high-tech manufacturer or company with complex technologies or logistics. The training programs are selected for their high demand, and offer great career opportunities.


Specific requirements can vary by company, but most require that applicants have a high school diploma or GED as well as eligibility to work in the United States. Community College placement test scores must also all within an acceptable range. 

How does the program work?

With the ICATT Apprenticeship Program, you earn while you learn. While earning a salary and working toward industry-specific certifications and an associate degree, you will receive intensive year-round block-style training, where you will alternate time between school and the company with more time at the company as training progresses.

Are ICATT Apprentices looked into an hourly wage and position?

As your skills increase, so do your wages. Average starting salary upon program completion is $ 50'000.

Is there support provided to ensure ICATT Apprentices complete the program?

The ICATT team will support you and will invest in your success. 85% of ICATT Apprentices complete the program successfully.


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