My life at Bühler

Nobuyuki Komiya

Manager in Value Nutrition, Japan

My life at Bühler

Nobuyuki Komiya

Manager in Value Nutrition, Japan

“I strive to find the best solutions for all our customers every day.” 




I joined Bühler in 1990 and started my career as an extruder specialist. Over the past years, I have been appointed as manager of different business units in our value nutrition business. Since 2016, I have been managing the entire value nutrition business in Japan. 

How did you join Bühler?

My knowledge of extruders brought me to Bühler originally. I studied applied chemistry and worked with a variety of extruders after my graduation in previous jobs. Those positions were in various research centers and developing laboratories. I then realized that I wanted to apply the expertise I had, especially with twin screw extruders, in an international manufacturing company. Bühler’s machines and technology in the area of extrusion are among the world’s best. I was hired by Bühler in 1990 as an extruder expert. 

How did your career progress from there?

One year after joining Bühler as an extruder expert, I transitioned to the Sales department, which was a very interesting experience. I stayed in the sales role for five years and was then offered the opportunity to become manager of the feed business unit. From then on, I managed different business units for various years. In 2016, I was given even more responsibility and I now head up the entire value nutrition business in Japan. 

What do you do in your job?

I am responsible for project handling and ensure that we achieve our financial targets. I research the latest technology and introduce this information to customers in order to discuss processes, machines and market behavior with their specialists.

Furthermore, I align the communication between our head office in Uzwil, Japan and the global value nutrition organization. All of my actions are driven by my goal to create a strong team spirit and high customer satisfaction. 

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I really enjoy that I am responsible for a large team in Japan. Due to my studies in applied chemistry, I also know what I am talking about as a manager and understand both my employees’ and our customers’ needs. We are close to our customers and get out of the office to talk to them. This helps us to overcome challenges together, which I really enjoy. Customer care is one of our strengths, and I am proud that we make our customers happy. 

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