Value Creation Model

The Value Creation Model illustrates how Bühler creates value for customers, employees, bondholders, business partners, and owners by unlocking sustainable business opportunities in the global food, feed, and automotive industries. It shows how we seek to balance humanity, nature, and economy in every decision and how this translates into outcomes for wider society and the environment.

1. New projects tracked since 2021. Reduction based on 2.5% yield improvement and 10% energy savings. Services and single machine business currently not included.
2. E3 mill with smart mill vs mill from 2017; yearly savings due to 10% energy reduction and 1% yield. Increase for one plant with average throughput of 135,000 tons per year.
3. Installed base: 10 washing screws with a capacity of 520,000 tons of malt per year; 0.884 cubic meters of water saved per ton of malt produced.
4. Dry and wet texturized meat analogues, latter calculated with a factor of 3 for comparability.
5. Double Insulating Glass Unit (IGU) with low emissivity coating compared to IGU without such a coating.

Beatrice Conde-Petit, Sustainability Officer, explains the world was reminded again, in 2022, of the urgent need to accelerate progress on climate, but also on biodiversity, circularity, food security, education, and more. These are all parts of Bühler’s sustainability program. The company’s strategy remains, at heart, to balance the needs of nature, humanity, and economy in every decision. This year Bühler has sharpened its agenda with clear targets and rolled it out across the organization. Watch the video to learn more about Bühler’s sustainability strategy and how it will accelerate impact together with its partners. 

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