Bühler Learning Center

Lifelong learning

Bühler Learning Center

Lifelong learning

Engineering customer success through lifelong learning for all our employees and customers, with targeted learning and development initiatives – this is how our Bühler Learning Center enables innovations for a better world. 


We strongly believe that learning and developing is important throughout all phases of a career. Employees are what drives our company and we want everyone to succeed. That is why we have established our own Learning Center. In fact, we have established learning centers worldwide, ranging from Uzwil, our head office in Switzerland, to China, India, Brazil and the US.


From senior management to our latest recruit, we ask all our employees to assess what they want to achieve in their career and what they want to learn next. The Bühler Learning Center offers learning and development opportunities in various topics and in a variety of forms - as classroom or online training, through coaching or by supporting team development.

From Management trainings to Chinese language courses

A learning portfolio with a broad choice

Our portfolio contains a vast selection of learning and development offers.

Refine your professional and personal skills, expand your area of expertise or benefit from our health and safety programs. Earn a license, get trained on one of our management and leadership courses, learn a new language - or just keep learning.

There are many opportunities and training courses to improve your knowledge and skills in other relevant fields.

Blended learning

Taking our learning to the next level

Digitalization is having a significant influence on our lives, affecting how we learn now and in the future. Learning is most effective when it is tailored to individual needs and available in a variety of training styles. This is why our Learning Center has created a learning environment that offers a virtual library with videos, online courses, webinars and much more. All part of our blended learning approach – combining online and traditional classroom methods.

From milling to chocolate making

Customer training

Learning is an important part of our culture. We also offer training courses for our customers on site, at our training centers worldwide and online.



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