Customized dehulling and hull separation


Customized dehulling and hull separation

To maximize the process output of oilseed, grain and pulses, you need to separate hulls from their kernels efficiently. We offer a wide range of dehulling and hull separation processes which you can tailor to your own product. Loosen and remove the hull with mechanical treatments. Or add a hull control system to further increase process efficiency and yield.

This system picks out valuable product from the hull stream and sends it back into the good product stream. 


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Minimize rest oil content

Our oilseed dehullers are designed to maximize protein content in your meal and minimize rest oil content in the hulls. We offer customized processes for dehulling, hull separation and hull control for different types of oilseed.

From paddy to rice

To produce a good yield of head rice, you need to remove the husk gently. Our hulling process hulls paddy with great care and efficiency, helping to increase yields and the quality of your rice.

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