Bühler Leybold Optics

Leading vacuum thin-film coating technology

Bühler Leybold Optics

Leading vacuum thin-film coating technology

With over 150 years of experience, Bühler Leybold Optics is a leading supplier of thin-film vacuum coating technology. Our state-of-the art solutions include: precision or ophthalmic optics applications, the metalization of headlights for the automotive industry; architectural glass for a wide range of buildings, roll-to-roll substrates for the food industry or capacitors. All of our solutions are tailored to your specific market demands.


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Applications and commodities


Meeting the highest optical performance

In demanding markets such as consumer optics, medical and industrial applications, your optical devices rely on very high levels of light transmission, sometimes in very limited wavelength areas. Our solutions radically reduce reflections and scattering so your products can perform at their best.

Rx lenses, sunglasses, visors and sport goggles

Our ophthalmic optics expertise covers proprietary coatings for anti-reflex (AR), UV blocking, (super) hydrophobic, mirror and fashion applications, including gradient, anti-fog and photochromic coatings. All of our processes deliver stable color impressions and excellent uniformity.

Headlight reflectors and decorative coatings

We are the undisputed leader in automotive headlight reflector coatings, and we also provide decorative coatings for other markets. Our solutions allow you to add a metallic appearance to a range of complex-shaped surfaces. We can also enhance coatings with anti-fingerprint or other properties.

From barrier and decorative coatings for food packaging to holograms for security

Our wire-feed aluminum evaporation technology applies high-rate aluminum coating and plasma-enhanced reactive deposition of aluminum oxide on flexible materials such as BOPP and PET. These packaging layers provide long-term stability and better permeation values to protect and conserve food. Applications include also holograms for security, protection and optical effects.


Film capacitors

Our metalization of conductive layers on flexible plastic foils range from aluminum, copper, zinc and zinc-sulfide to silver coatings. Applying plain, ramp or slope profiles for film capacitors applications . 

Reflection and filtering for coated glass

Our solutions range from low-e to electro-chromic coated glass for your architecture and automotive applications. We can work with your team to develop best-in-class solutions, covering reflecting and filtering of a wide range of visible and invisible light waves for energy efficiency.

Precise substrate surfaces for optical applications

Our ion beam figuring method enables us to create coatings with sub-nanometer accuracy for highly demanding optical applications. Often used as a preparatory step before coating with our vacuum thin-film deposition equipment, this takes your optical characteristics to a new level.

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