Tackling the scourge of malnutrition


Tackling the scourge of malnutrition

That malnutrition should still be such a significant problem is a bleak reminder of how much still needs to be done to help the world’s disadvantaged populations. But there are some simple and effective solutions at hand. We are working to help provide an ever-growing population with a nutritious diet.

From developing technology to reduce the amount of food needlessly wasted each year, to sharing our knowledge and skills with local farmers and producers, we are helping to tackle the scourge of under-nutrition.


Malnutrition statistics

Of deaths of children under 5
Are linked to malnutrition worldwide, mainly in low- and middle-income countries.
millions of people
Globally are now undernourished, according to the UN.
millions of tons
Of grain is lost each year during handling and storage.
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Fighting against malnutrition in Africa

Reducing grain wastage

While hundreds of millions of people face malnutrition, it is estimated that around a third of all food is lost or goes to waste each year. Much of this waste occurs during storage and handling processes. One foodstuff particularly affected is cereal grains, 85 million tons of which is lost annually.

Our smart digital storage and handling solution PreMa ensures that grain is stored under optimum conditions, drastically reducing the amount of crop lost. PreMa offers an instant overview of storage conditions, which means that any potential problems can be addressed without delay.

As well as developing solutions, we also provide partnerships and training worldwide, sharing our expertise with local food producers. For example, we supplied the factory and production processes for the award-winning Africa Improved Foods (AIF) project in Rwanda, which promotes local maize and soy production. It also provides fortified porridge flours for vulnerable populations such as children, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.

We chose Bühler because we wanted a reputable company that knows how to build in Africa and in challenging environments without compromising quality, and who will be by our side through all the challenges.

Amar Ali, CEO of AIF (Africa Improved Foods)

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