Pulses as protein

Taking the pulse of the industry

Pulses as protein

Taking the pulse of the industry

As the world’s population continues to grow, so does the need to find efficient protein sources to feed it. Insufficient protein remains a cause of poor nutrition in the developing world, with low protein intake leading to loss of body mass and muscle strength and, in severe cases, stunted growth in children. Pulses are an excellent, and versatile, source of protein, and our technology helps maximize their potential.

We are working to help provide an ever-growing population with a nutritious diet. From developing technology to reducing the amount of food needlessly wasted each year through to sharing our knowledge and skills with local farmers and producers, we are helping to tackle the scourge of under-nutrition. 


Facts about protein

million tons
The minimum estimated amount of plant proteins needed annually to feed the world’s population by 2050.
Of vegetable protein
Produced agriculturally every year is currently fed to livestock rather than people.
Production rate
Worldwide production of pulses is ten times lower than for rice or wheat, and fifteen times lower than for corn. 

Maximizing pulse potential

As well as being high-protein and gluten-free, pulses are filling, low-fat and high in vitamins and minerals. Products that combine pulses with wheat, meanwhile, are also high in amino acids. Pulses are extremely versatile and can be used in breads, pasta products and meat substitutes. We have developed a wide range of products and solutions to help increase pulse production.

We offer solutions for every process step – optical sorting, milling, extrusion, cleaning, splitting and hulling. Our Pulsroll pulse huller enables the efficient and hygienic removal of the hulls of different pulses. The Polymatik press, meanwhile, is a production solution that allows producing pulses and other raw materials into savory pasta products with an authentic pasta "bite." We are also continuing to explore the potential of pulses for use in meat substitutes, many of which are now almost indistinguishable from meat in terms of texture and taste.

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