Granular Packing Solutions


Granular Packing Solutions

Manual and semi-automatic bagging solutions designed for 10-50kg bags provide a very efficient and reliable way to pack a wide range of granular products with an estimated production capacity of ca. 100-600 bags per hour and top precision.

Whether you're bagging grain, feed pellets, semolina, coffee beans or other free flowing material, Bühler has packing solutions for all businesses. Take a look at the solutions below, like our fully automatic packing solution for granular products, the CHRONOS OML-1060 B.


Fully automatic packing solutions

Bühler offers a series of fully automatic bagging stations, the CHRONOS OML-1140 B and the CHRONOS OML-1060 B, for granular products.


The fully automatic bagging stations from Bühler in partnership with Premier Tech pack 20 to 50kgs with free-flowing granular products such as feed, pet food, rice, seeds or plastic pellets with capacities of up to 1.200 bags per hour (at 25kg bag weight).

Key features include:

  • Lean and robust design
  • Easy to use and clean
  • High safety standards
The OML-1060 B packing machine The OML-1060 B packing machine CHRONOS OML-1060B for granular products.

Manual and Semi-automatic Packing Solutions for Granular Products

Bühler offers packing solutions with less automation to suite all business requirements. Take a look at the full range of manual and semi-automatic packing solutions below.

Packing System InBax for Granular Products

Manual bagging station with integrated and automatic weighing and filling system, capable of precisely dose grains, semolina or feed pellets into 10-50kg bags with estimated production capacity of  150 bags per hour at 25kg bag weight.

  • Full flexibility due to manual bag handling allowing usage of various bag types, sizes and fabrics.
  • Reliable operation and low maintenance costs due to system's rigid design and convenient access for maintenance and sanitation.
  • Accurate weight due to precise feeding and exact weighing of product.
InBax Packer for Grains InBax Packer for Grains Manual packing system InBax for granular products.

Single Spout Packer for Granular Products

Semi-automatic and manual single-spout bagging station with accurate weighing and filling system capable to precisely pack grains, semolina, flakes or feed pellets into 10-50kg bags with estimated production capacity of 500 bags per hour.

  • Exact bag weights due to very precise feeding and highly accurate weighing of product.
  • High productivity and convenience due to optionally available semi-automatic bag closing and conveying.
  • High flexibility to reliably handle various products, bag types, sizes and fabrics, or bag bag closing systems.



More applications

For packing solutions for powdery applications like flour, feed meal and bran, click below.

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