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Die-casting machine


Carat is a two-platen machine with die locking forces of 10500 to 92000 kN, designed for die casting your large and complex parts, such as structural components, while increasing productivity by up to 30%.

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Key benefits

Higher efficiency

The two-platen design creates a stable production process with improved locking force distribution and reduced flash for better repeatability and higher uptime.

Easy to operate. Easy to service.

DataView makes it easy for your operators to monitor and control the machine. It also allows for central control and monitoring of the integrated peripheral devices.

Increased productivity by up to 30%

The Bühler closed-loop, real time injection unit is the foundation for best-in-class cast part quality. Your Carat machine can help to increase overall productivity by up to 30%.

Carat: Highest value creation for sophisticated applications

Two-platen technology

More stable production

Removing the third platen reduces the overall length of the machine by as much as two meters. This allows you to achieve higher die locking forces in the same physical space, from a more rigid machine.

Unique shot control

Creating higher quality parts

Our unique injection unit provides real-time closed-loop control, automatically reacting to deviations and correcting them immediately. This results in cast parts of high quality, repeatedly, shot after shot. In addition, automated algorithms help you to create optimal casting profiles with shorter cycle times and a higher part quality.

DataView control

So easy to operate and control

Bühler’s powerful and unique shot control with closed-loop and real-time controlled injection gives you reproducible cast part results with a stable process that preserves the die. Comprehensive support in daily operation, control over the entire system and targeted diagnostics and analyses are all available via easy-to-use touch screens and simple graphical user interfaces.

Modular design

Tailored for your process

From structural parts, powertrain parts, complex components up to megacastings in aluminum or magnesium, no two processes are the same. Carat’s modular construction allows us to tailor the die-casting solution for your field of application.

Optimally synchronized die-casting system

Cell solutions for your needs

With Carat, you can seamlessly control your peripheral devices via a single display unit. Even complex megacasting cells can be controlled with the SmartCMS cell management system. You can also opt for our SmartVac vacuum system, BuhlMark marking device, BuhlSpray spraying device, BuhlRob die-casting extractor, and our BuhlLadle ladling device to create a smoother, automated process.

Watch the video about Bühler Carat.

Key topics

Billions of people come into contact with Bühler technologies to cover their basic needs for food and mobility every day. Our motto is creating “innovations for a better world.” Find out more about our key topics.

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What is new?

Our Carat die-casting systems are in operation in 900 applications around the globe. Find out what our customers are saying.

Application possibilities


Tried-and-tested die-casting solution for powertrain parts

As a leading global supplier to the automotive industry, our die-casting solutions help produce powertrain components for 50 % of all new cars worldwide.

Mobility is changing

Electric and hybrid powertrains are gaining importance. As a partner to the automotive industry, we offer smart die-casting solutions and services for your individual production requirements. 

Innovation in structural component manufacture

We are the leading global supplier of machines and solutions for the production of high-quality die-cast structural components. In fact, 50 % of these structural components are produced using our equipment.

Die casting in your everyday life

With over 90 years of experience in the die-casting industry, we offer you tailored solutions for die casting your household and white good parts in the highest quality.

Enabling digital communication

From hard disc drives to parts for telecommunications infrastructure, you need the highest precision in your die-cast components. That is exactly what our die-casting machines and solutions are designed to do.

Comprehensive knowhow around megacasting production

Larger die-casting solutions make it possible for a whole body in white section to be created as a single piece. This allows automotive OEMs to simplify production, reduce costs and create a more sustainable vehicle.

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