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SORTEX H SpectraVision

Our new SORTEX H SpectraVision has been developed using the best of Swiss and British engineering know-how. As the culmination of our 75 years of extensive experience in optical sorting, SpectraVision offers three key benefits for our customers.

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SORTEX H SpectraVision

Improved Performance

An all new optical sorter delivering up to 50% higher reject concentrations.

SpectraVision has been designed to supply maximum yields. The newly designed in-house full-color cameras provide the best color differentiation for the sublest of color defects, while new InGaAs cameras take foreign matter (FM) detection to new levels. Innovative ejection algorithms significantly minimize false rejects and new calibration and tracking algorithms improve machine consistency, reducing false rejects.


Control and view your machine performance from  anywhere in the world, in line with Industry 4.0 standards.

With machine setup changes logged and saved on Bühler Insights and real-time tracking of sorting performance and emergency warnings with SORTEX Monitoring System.


No technical skills required for operation.

Default modes and recipes for each product are pre-set and tested by SORTEX experts for optimum machine set up right out of the box. A simple user interface design and individual sensitivity control over each defect makes it easy for operators to maintain the optimum machine performance.


Experience SpectraVision

Key benefits


Control and view your machine performance from anywhere in the world, in line with Industry 4.0 standards.

Ease of use

No technical skills required for operation.

Improved performance

A brand new optical sorter delivering up to 50% higher reject concentrations.

Detect what nobody else can

Breakthrough technology

New cameras: designed for sorting

SORTEX optical sorting cameras have been specially designed in-house to give industry-leading low signal-to-noise levels. The new full-color cameras with better spectral purity between colors provide the best color differentiation for the subtlest of color defects. While new InGaAs cameras take foreign matter (FM) detection to new levels.

Next generation sorting

Intelligent sorting algorithms

A new suite of algorithms and advanced learning techniques has been developed to elevate our customers’ ability to remove foreign matter (FM), and subtle defects while increasing product yield; moving your performance forwards and delivering ease of use. All new calibration and product tracking algorithms ensure that machine performance is consistent and high.

Bühler guarantee

The development guarantee

Bühler is driven by passion, which is why we are continuing to work on improvements to make this machine even better, to suit ever-growing market challenges. New features, software solutions, and upgrades will guarantee that you always have state-of-the-art equipment in your plant.

Hear from the team

Melvyn Penna

Optical Sorting Global Product Manager, Bühler Group

SORTEX H SpectraVision Global product manager, Melvyn Peanna says “Invaluable data on defect removal and machine  wear status is easily accessible for multiple stake-holders anytime. A user log featuring time-stamped mode/control changes is also available, as well as an alarm configuration for high ejection rate due to high input contamination or changes to incoming contamination of a particular defect type,”

“This will enable processors to quickly make decisions and take action and thereby save money by either reducing waste or increasing productivity.”

David Kinsella

Head of R&D Digital Technologies, Bühler Group

 “We spent time in the mills speaking directly to millers about their most pressing pain points. We also spoke to our in-house Application Specialists to gauge what the market as a whole was in need of and what would be feasible to develop,”

From a performance point of view, while the SORTEX A had already set the bar in the world of optical sorters, Bühler’s R&D team was still not satisfied. With the Merlin Ai sorting engine, they have man-aged to achieve an additional 50 percent reduction in yield losses. “This means less food waste and a minimized footprint for processors, which is much better for the planet,” Kinsella says.

Customer Stories

Central Valley Bean

Central Valley Bean Cooperative uses the Artificial Intelligence features of the SORTEX H SpectraVision to improve the quality of their final product. The MerlinAI engine of the SORTEX H takes the accuracy of the sort to new levels, while a new interface improves the user experience and setup times.


Key topics

Billions of people come into contact with Bühler technologies to cover their basic needs for food and mobility every day. Our motto is creating “innovations for a better world.” Find out more about our key topics.

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