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Optical sorter


SPARK Pro is our easiest-to-use and most affordable optical sorter ever. With a zero spillage design to prevent material waste and with 75 years of experience behind it. SPARK Pro brings food safety and quality at an unbeatable value.

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Key benefits

Built for industrial purposes

Quality needs to thrive in any environment. That’s why SPARK has been subject to intense testing and certification. Delivering quality that is reliable and consistent, SPARK Pro will give you the peace of mind to meet regulations and standards every time.

Affordable sorting, professional results

We know. Prices are soaring. Harvests are unpredictable. And competition is high. We analyzed components and reduced profit margins to create our most affordable sorter ever. SPARK Pro is easy-to-use and reliable – with any commodity, every time.

Designed to reduce waste

Maybe this scenario is familiar. Up to the neck in raw material costs, you find spills on the floor. It all adds up, and it’s a lot of waste. But SPARK Pro's zero-spillage design makes every grain count.

​​SPARK Pro: Sorting made simple​

​​Beginner friendly optical sorter​

Ultra-competitive pricing

Enjoy established Bühler quality at our most affordable price ever. SPARK Pro brings unmatched value for its price point by improving yield, reducing waste, and bringing consistency and performance to demanding industrial environments.

​​The right size for your business​

Available with up to 10 chutes

SPARK Pro keeps up with your demand. With flexible sizing, you can sort at your full capacity and efficiency.

​​Keep the profit line going​

Uninterrupted sorting for more capacity

Maintain consistent production and maximize revenue with SPARK Pro’s non-stop no-interruption sorting.

Less waste means more good product and profit

Make product waste a thing of the past

Reduce product losses with SPARK Pro’s zero-spillage design that prevents product spills from the machine and wasted money.

​​One machine solution​

One sorter. Multiple applications.

SPARK Pro is a one-stop-shop solution for multiple commodities including grains, pulses, coffee, rice, spices, peanuts and more.

The new DynamoAI engine brings a new level of simplicity to optical sorting. Simply set up and go!

SPARK Pro’s new dust extraction concept brings greater levels of quality and purity.

Key topics

Billions of people come into contact with Bühler technologies to cover their basic needs for food and mobility every day. Our motto is creating “innovations for a better world.” Find out more about our key topics.

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