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Cell management system


SmartCMS is acting as the brain of entire die-casting cells, giving the operator the possibility to view, control and program the entire cell. With a wide range of sophisticated functionality you can boost the productivity of your whole system.

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Key benefits

Improve OEE with lower diagnostic time and effort

The centralized user interface puts the operator in total control. Real-time alarms and diagnostics immediately identify problems in any part of your cell.

Improve product tracking and traceability

Process values from each peripheral can be collected and allocated to the unique ID per part. Part location within the production flow can always be accessed.

Enhance efficiency with faster setup and production changes

Recipe management can make setup and production changes smoother, faster, and more consistent. Flexible part flow eases production bottlenecks.

SmartCMS: the brain of the Digital Cell

Connectivity of devices

High flexibility

Intelligent devices, sensors or components can be connected to your SmartCMS, giving you a single overview of even the most complex cell.

Key topics

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Smart management of entire die-casting cells

For a number of years now, the control of die-casting machines has given foundries clearer visibility, improved quality and enhanced productivity. What would happen if we could extend digital control across the entire cell?

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What is new?

Find out how we developed SmartCMS together with one of our customers, and how it helped to reduce production costs.

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