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Tubular push conveyor


The TUBO tubular push conveyor transports grain, brewing malt, coffee, rice, and other bulk materials for milling and brewing. Its free-flowing Tubit elements gently move product along the pipe. It is designed for energy efficiency and top food safety.

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Key benefits

Flexible layout

The system allows full 3D push conveying. Choose from a range of horizontal, vertical, and inclined configurations.

High level of food safety

The TUBO is made from stainless steel with round pipes to help prevent residues. All components are certified by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Gentle push conveying

The system transports high volumes of bulk materials at low speeds, helping to prevent damage to the product. The TUBO transports the product in chambers, which also reduces internal friction and damage to the product.

Highlight features

Low energy consumption

Less friction, more energy efficiency

The TUBO is a push conveyor not a pull conveyor. Therefore, there is no need to tension belts, chains, and cords. This saves energy due to reduced friction.

Gentle push conveying

Tubit pusher elements

The TUBO uses Tubit pusher elements which fit inside the pipe and gently transport grain, coffee, rice, and other bulk materials. The Tubits are free-flowing and made of synthetic material for a high level of food safety. They are designed to leave no residue and are also energy-efficient, relying on gravity to fall into place at the end of their cycle.

Plant design

Save space in your mill or brewery

The TUBO's 3D design fits into low ceilings and small spaces. So, one TUBO can replace several other types of conveyors. It also comes with a choice of many different inlets and outlets.

The TUBO tubular push conveyor has a very low energy consumption. We reduced our energy costs by 85%. It also has a very hygienic design.

Jan Cordesmeyer, CEO, Hemelter Mühle, Germany

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