Coopers malting facility, Adelaide, Australia

Bühler's expertise

Australian brewery Coopers was looking to gain a competitive advantage by bringing malt processing capability inhouse. Coopers wanted to be able to control the quality of the entire production process through supplying its own malt. The automized state-of-the-art malting plant provided by Bühler incorporates WinCos, efficiently connecting and controlling the storage and malting processes.

Coopers, the largest family-owned brewery in Australia, opened a new malting plant at its Regency Park Brewery in Adelaide. “I always thought that it would be good if we built another malting facility right here on this site,” says Tim Cooper, Managing Director of the Coopers Malting facility. With the new plant, Coopers has gained independence from external malting plants and has expanded their process chain. The new 13000 m² site, built to the highest technical standards, allows the brewery to control and maintain consistent quality of malt, the key ingredient of beer.

During the design process, functional and aesthetic requirements were considered in close cooperation with the team at Coopers. The fully cladded hoppers and silo bins have been designed to resemble fermentation tanks, with the new plant connected to the Coopers Brewery. It is a highly individual solution designed for the specific requirements of the customer.

Achieving targets in partnership with Bühler

In close partnership with Coopers, Bühler provided their expertise and skills in process and plant design, high quality equipment and solutions as well as professional project management and service support by their regional teams. Bühler Grain Quality & Supply delivered grain processing, conveying and dedusting systems as well as four germinating vessels and one kiln with an annual production capacity of 54000 tons of malt, 180 tons per batch.

This could only be accomplished by installing Bühler's high-quality and reliable machinery. The new plant is set to supply Coopers brewery with approximately 17000 tons of malt a year, with the excess in production intended for sale to a range of domestic and export customers, including independent breweries looking for a reliable supplier of high-quality malt.


7800 t
storage capacity
This consists of 3000 t of barley and 4800 t of malt.
180 t
cleaned barley as green malt
This result will be achieved with just one kiln with a diameter of 24.2 m.
755 t
conveying throughput
by connecting the different conveying systems.
We've been delighted to work with Bühler due to their expertise.

Timothy Cooper, Managing Director – Coopers Malting

The role of malt

Malt is not only the key ingredient of beer; malt extracts are also widely used by food manufactures. Malt is produced by germinating and refining barley, a process which involves specific sugars and enzymes. Grain storage solutions play an important role in the process.

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