COFCO International, Timbúes, Santa Fe, Argentina

For a safe and clean future

COFCO International is a global food provider, focused on grains, oilseeds and sugar supply chains. While their headquarters are in Geneva, they also maintain plants in 37 countries worldwide, including at Santa Fe in Argentina. Here, their Timbúes facility focuses on production and export of grains and soybean byproducts, such as oil and soymeal. 

"We’ve had Bühler equipment in many sections of this plant, as well as in other COFCO plants, for decades", says Lucas Peano, at COFCO International, Argentina. "We have no doubts about Bühler’s quality, robustness and reliability. In a continuous process plant like this one, it’s fundamental that all the equipment works in a continuous and reliable way."

The plant itself was commissioned in 2005, but in 2023 COFCO decided to invest in the Bühler enclosed belt conveyor to meet Argentina’s updated hygiene standards.

Changing requirements

In recent years, the country’s food hygiene and food safety requirements have become ever-more stringent. In particular, the regulations covering dust presence have become so strict that only an enclosed conveyor that ensures an absence of dust can fully comply – which is why COFCO decided to invest in an enclosed system from Bühler.

COFCO installed three enclosed belt conveyors to feed and discharge the silo that supplies different kinds of soybeans to the crushing plant. Enclosed belt conveyors are also provided with spot filters that are assembled directly onto the conveyor – this results in an absolute minimum of suspended dust inside the conveyor, and much higher hygiene standards overall. Reducing the amount of dust in the surrounding air also cuts the risk of explosion. So not only does an enclosed system boost food hygiene, it also enhances the safety of the plant as a whole.

Enclosed Belt Conveyors installed at COFCO International, Argentina

3x1000 t/h
Conveying Capacity
Year of Installation
Dust- and waterproof:
Fully enclosed system

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Besides the technical properties of the enclosed belt conveyor itself, I see a major advantage in Bühler having a strong local presence and we would definitely purchase from Bühler again. Anyone can appreciate the construction quality and modern, intelligent design that ensure easy installation and hassle-free maintenance.

Lucas Peano, Project Leader, Cofco International

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