Lightweight design

Lightening the load

Lightweight design

Lightening the load

The heavier a vehicle is, the more fuel it consumes – and that means more emissions. There are now over 300 million cars in China alone, so at an average weight of 1400 kg that adds up to 420 billion kilograms of moved mass in just one country. Reducing numbers like that has a huge impact on the environment.

We want to protect the climate with energy-efficient vehicles, and our die-casting solutions are helping to bring about cleaner and more efficient mobility for everyone.


Lighter design, fewer emissions

millions of lives
According to the World Health Organization, meeting the air pollution goals of the Paris Agreement will save a million lives by 2050.
Improvement in fuel efficiency
A mere 10% reduction in weight can improve fuel efficiency by as much as 8%, cutting emissions and levels of air pollution.
Of all new cars
About 50% of new cars worldwide have die-cast components produced with our technology.

Die-casting solutions for lighter vehicles

We are a leading global provider of die-casting technology for the automotive industry. Lightweight components made of aluminum, and lightweight design of engine blocks, shock towers and other parts can help improve mileage and dramatically cut fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

Making vehicles lighter is an obvious and simple way to cut their energy consumption. Around 60% of our Advanced Materials business is generated by the automotive industry, with our solutions and technologies playing a key role in helping manufacturers produce lighter, more energy-efficient vehicles and so reduce harmful emissions.

Our long-standing and close personal relationship with Bühler ensures a continuous in-flow of top-notch technology into our organization.

Wilhelm Baum, CEO, Bocar Group

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