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Uniform, efficient, reliable.

SmartPet pet food dryer

The new dual plenum SmartPet provides a superior airflow that results in uniform moisture content and greater saleable yield, and advanced hygienic design for cleaner operation.

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Key benefits

Higher saleable yields

SmartPet's increased product uniformity results in less waste or unusable product, giving you higher output from your raw materials.

Energy efficiency

Thicker insulation, direct drive fans and motors, along with a smart control system make the best use of your energy.

Greater uptime

SmartPet's open and easy to clean design ensures greater production time.

Highlight features

Sanitation and easy maintenance

Constructed from stainless steel, the new SmartPet provides full access to the dryer interior, allowing easy maintenance and cleaning, shortening downtime and increasing production. Innovative fines management provides a cleaner drying operation and further reduces cleaning downtime and risks of cross contamination or microbial growth.

Reliable, trouble-free fines management

The SmartPet features a continuous fines removal system that cleans the dryer floor by automatically wiping it down with each cycle of the conveyor. The fines are collected into V troughs along the plenums and at the transfer section, then transported via tube chain conveyor to a single discharge point.

Heavy duty construction ensures safe, efficient, and reliable service

The new SmartPet features the heaviest gauge frame and bedplates in the industry, providing extended production runs and hours of trouble-free operation. The dryer doors and panels contain 10cm of insulation, increasing energy efficiency. Modular construction provides quick installation and start-up.

The SmartPet is equipped with a programmable oscillating spout feeder that provides a level distribution across the conveyor, resulting in a level product bed, increasing drying uniformity.

The SmartPet dryer is constructed from 304 stainless steel, providing a clean process environment that is durable and easy to clean. This helps to guard against contamination from condensation, and minimize risks of bacterial growth. It also eliminates the maintenance associated with painted surfaces.


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