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Full-volume bead mill


The Centex full-volume bead mill provides the highest levels of productivity for your wet-grinding applications, achieving a higher product quality with a lower specific energy requirement, while reducing your grinding costs.

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Key benefits

Maximum efficiency

The reverse-feeding EcoMizer agitator disks create a homogenous bead distribution which maximizes energy efficiency for your process.

Best performance

Cutting-edge technology reliably delivers better overall product quality with a long service life.

Better productivity

Efficient bead separation with a large screen surface creates higher flow capability without compromising quality.

Centex productivity

Production efficiency

Reduced processing time and production costs

The unique EcoMizer agitator disks allow for narrow particle size distribution and higher flow capability without compression of the grinding beads, which can help you reduce your processing time and your overall production costs.

Bead separation

More efficient grinding processes

The smart design of the Centex ensures that no beads are near the screen, enabling you to use smaller beads and achieve a more efficient grinding process.

Large screen surface

Higher throughput

The large screen surface ensures a lower pressure inside the chamber, reducing temperature issues and enabling you to benefit from a higher throughput.

You can opt for a touch screen display of all your inputs and operating parameters with control algorithms for faster setup and repeatability, or a simpler version with basic controls and alarms.

We can support your new technology with our process engineering expertise, helping you integrate it into your process or plant in the most efficient way.

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