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Full-volume bead mill


Leading companies have been relying on our Cenomic technology for many years. Higher flow capability can deliver reduced specific grinding costs for your protective coatings, liquid and offset inks, agrochemical and battery precursor applications.

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Key benefits


A wide range of processing chamber materials allows tailoring the process to your precise needs.

Maximum efficiency

The reverse-feeding EcoMizer agitator disks create a homogenous bead distribution, which maximizes energy efficiency for your process.

Better productivity

Efficient bead separation with a large screen surface offers you higher flow capability without compromising quality.

Highlight features

Bead separation

More efficient grinding processes

The smart design of the Cenomic keeps beads away from the screen, enabling you to use smaller beads and achieve a more efficient grinding process.

Large screen surface

Higher throughput rates

The large screen surface ensures a lower pressure inside the chamber, reducing temperature issues and enabling you to benefit from higher throughput rates.

Production efficiency

Reduced processing time and production costs

The unique EcoMizer agitator disks allow for narrow particle size distribution and higher flow capability without compression of the grinding beads. This can help you reduce your processing time and your overall production costs.

Our automated control system guides your operator through each step, which makes extensive training unnecessary. Various features, such as start ramps, ensure a fast production start tailored to your product.

We can work with your team to plan and implement a wide range of options. From a single machine to a complete plant tailored to your process, we can bring the latest technology and application experience to create highly efficient solutions.


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