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Control systems for the wet grinding industry

Every business and every product in the wet grinding and dispersing industry is different. We offer a range of automation solutions so you can choose one perfectly tailored to your needs.

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Key benefits

Precise control of your machine and product quality

Our systems enable you to monitor and control process parameters for better quality and efficiency. Job wizards support fast start-up. Recipe assistants allow reproducible production processes. You can choose from four automation levels (see below).

Digitization for IoT benefits

Designed for IoT, our advanced control systems store data in the cloud, giving you 24/7 remote access and control. Further features include smart data analyses, long-term traceability and automatic alerts.

Intuitive design for better productivity

Intuitive design guides your operators through each step, which makes extensive training unnecessary. Additionally, a walk-by screen with color coding shows warnings and standstills at a glance, even from a distance.

Highlight features


A convenient solution with manual operating mode

Our Comfort control system allows your machine to be controlled by pushbuttons, with signal lamps and displays indicating your machine status. Depending on the process, the rotor speed can also be selected.


First-class solution with PLC and a touch screen

Our Premium control with PLC programming and a touch screen offers you easy and intuitive operation of the machine. Job-related analysis and diagnosis keep your operator informed about the machine status at all times.

Premium Plus

Enhanced solution with extendable functionalities

Premium Plus offers you the ability to control one or several machines from one panel for greater convenience and easy coordination. It also allows you to integrate tanks, peripherals and pre-grinding machines to give you broader process control across your complete solution.


Comprehensive plant control system for fully automated processes

WinCos is our complete plant control system that enables you to manage your wet grinding solution and integrate it with other Smart Factory systems. Remote control and diagnostics, data analysis and plant-wide communications are all available to you, 24/7, from anywhere in the world.

Our vision is to bring you a fully connected plant that improves itself autonomously, by continuously exchanging information between machines. Our Digital solutions enables this in your wet grinding process, bringing you higher traceability, better process control and benchmarking for significant production improvements. With data stored in the cloud, it also offers you 24/7 remote access for analysis.

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