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Cracking mill


The high-performance cracking mill OLCC is our newest innovation for the oilseed and feed industry. Serving a wide variety of applications, it offers you highest throughputs, full automation control and an unrivaled ease of maintenance.

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Key benefits

High performance

Large counter-rotating rollers, a fully customizable configuration of differential speeds, roller corrugations and material hardness grades combine to offer a highly efficient operation.

Full control and integration

The smart HMI gives you full local and remote control over all key functions, providing extensive automation, monitoring and integration possibilities.

Unrivaled machine uptime

A sturdy design plus a revolutionary roller change technology that cuts roller change time to two hours per roller pair, allow you to have an unrivaled machine uptime.

Highlight features

First of its kind

Smart roller exchange technology saves time

The revolutionary roller change technology reduces roller replacement time to less than two hours per pair. The roller shell is detached from the shaft, allowing you to extract just the shell. The complete transmission assembly remains protected inside the machine. This drastically reduces labor time and handling weight, all while minimizing bound capital in the form of roller assemblies.


Designed for easy use and simple maintenance

The all-new cracking mill OLCC is designed to make operation easier and maintenance simpler. Removable maintenance doors, integrated sampling gates, electronic roller gap adjustment, integrated product bypass, and strong permanent magnets are just some of the advanced features designed to improve your milling operation.

Smart human-machine interface

Ready to integrate into your process

An optional smart human-machine interface (HMI) allows full local and remote control over all key functions, providing extensive automation and monitoring possibilities. This makes for a full integration of the cracking mill OLCC into your individual process and automation landscape.

With more than 25 roller service stations worldwide, you can rely on us for fast access to servicing, whenever you need it. Whether it’s a recorrugation service, a check-up with rollDetect or just-in-time parts replacement, our experienced engineers will understand your challenge and support you in your language. With HMI, we can also offer remote diagnostics and servicing, where applicable.

We have the widest portfolio of dry oil milling equipment and the global engineering experience you need to create complete solutions. From pre-cleaning and cleaning, through preparation, cracking and flaking, we can provide tailored solutions to meet your precise process requirements.

Application possibilities

The Bühler process

Efficient in every step of production

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Services and training

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