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Fully automatic bagging station


Automatic bagging station from Bühler in partnership with Premier Tech. It packs 10 to 50 kg bags with powdery and other non-free flowing products such as flour, fine semolina and maize grits with a throughput of up to 900 bags per hour (at 25kg a bag).

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Key benefits

Increase profitability

Drive profitability with precision bagging and reduced product waste with accuracy of ±50 g at 2σ (at 25 kg bag weight).

Maximize productivity

Enhance your operational efficiency while reducing downtime with fully automatic operation and a robust design.

Maximize uptime

Maximize uptime with robust bag handling concept, designed for smooth operation with a wide range of bags.

​​Fully automatic bagging station​

​​Elevate your packing process​

Introducing CHRONOS OMP-2090 B, the fully automatic bagging station for powdery products. It efficiently handles open-mouth bags in a wide range of sizes and materials. Its monobloc design and compact footprint make it easy to integrate into any plant setup, offering unparalleled performance and robustness.

​​Enhanced productivity​

A fully automatic solution

A reliable fully automatic bagging process which handles up to 900 bags per hour (at 25kg bag weight) efficiently with an integrated weighing and bag closing system.

​​Maximize output​

High and repeatable system accuracy

Featuring product dosing and weighing systems which are precisely designed to deliver accurate results, resulting in bagging accuracy of up to ±0.2% at 2σ.

Ensure safety​

High product and operational safety

High product and operational safety thanks to consistent hygienic design and comprehensive safety features.

Watch the CHRONOS OMP-2090 B in action.

Bag materials & types



Woven polypropylene

Woven polypropylene with inner liner


Pillow bags

Bags with gusset

Crossbottom bags

Pasted flat hexagonal bottom bag

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