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Pellet mill

Kubex™ T

The Kubex T pellet mill has been developed for high-capacity animal feed pelletizing. Its direct drive system eliminates the need for a transmission system, lowering energy consumption by up to 10%, whilst delivering operational and maintenance benefits.

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Key benefits

Suitable a for wide range of recipes

The Kubex T can process even the most difficult feed recipes with a high fat or high fiber content.

High productivity

The Kubex T is a highly efficient mill, capable of producing up to 80 metric tons of 4 mm pellet poultry feed per hour.

Low energy consumption

The Kubex T has a direct drive, where the motor is directly connected to the main shaft without a transmission system. This can reduce your energy consumption by up to 10%.

Highlight features

Choice of types

Match your production volume

The Kubex T12 offers a die diameter of 1200 mm for a pelleting throughput of up to 80 t/h, with the choice of a 470 kW or 585 kW motor and die widths of 265 mm and 320 mm. The Kubex T9 offers a die diameter of 900 mm for a pelleting throughput of up to 50 t/h, with a choice of 320 kW or 410 kW motors and die widths of 200 mm, 260 mm, and 300 mm.

Compact and versatile

Fit your existing or new production facility

The Kubex T provides almost twice as much production capacity from the same footprint as conventional pellet mills. This makes it a great choice for efficient new animal feed plants. It also makes upgrading easy for existing operations with space restrictions, avoiding the high costs of remodeling buildings or changing layouts.

Easy maintenance

Easy maintenance, hygienic design and 360° accessibility

The Kubex T’s direct drive eliminates all maintenance associated with a transmission system. The two large sliding doors on both sides of the machine can open up the pelleting chamber completely and make it very easy to change dies, press rolls and shear pins. Moreover, they allow a quick and easy cleaning.

You can adjust the circumferential die speed without changing the die. This enables you to precisely optimize pellet production for each feed formulation, making this a versatile solution for a wide range of recipes.

The distance between the press rolls and the die can be automatically adjusted without interrupting production. This ensures consistent pellet quality without compromising productivity. It also helps reduce energy consumption and wear and tear on the die and rolls.

An anti-blocking system (ABS) prevents roll slippage and protects the machine from blockage and damage. The Kubex T can then operate close to its upper limit with minimal risk of downtime or unplanned interruption.

You can purchase your Kubex T as a stand-alone machine or as part of a broader solution. We offer a whole range of automation solutions, from individual machine control to a full smart factory integration.

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