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Glass vacuum coater


The Leybold Optics GLC H glass vacuum coater is used to apply low-e, solar control and other advanced functional coatings by magnetron sputtering onto glass. It is designed for high productivity, for high quality standards and fast adaption to your needs.

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Key benefits

Meets all of your coatings needs

From low-emissivity, solar control to anti-reflection and other functional coatings, the Leybold Optics GLC H meets all of your coating needs. Its modular design allows easy change of magnetron and pump configuration or capacity expansion.

Reduced energy consumption

High quality and latest energy efficiency standard components, like power supplies or pumps, allow lowest energy consumption of the coater. An optimized process compartment design achieves further savings, without jeopardizing highest deposition rates.

Up to 25% productivity gains

The unique gap management allows a distance between two consecutive substrates of just 30 mm, which improves your coating efficiency and saves target material. Additionally the time between cleanings is maximized due to lowest coater cross-contamination.

Highlight features

Quality application

Highest deposition rates

The unique gas distribution system inside the magnetron sputter compartment allows a perfect layer uniformity and highest possible deposition rates for reactive and non-reactive processes. This avoids target poisoning by reactive gases O2 or N2 and achieves highest overall productivity.

High uptime

Extended production time between cleaning cycles

The high collection efficiency of the target materials, achieved by reducing the gap to 30 mm, ensures lowest cross-contamination of the transport system and interior shielding. This in combination with an optimized target utilization and advanced process control technology, like remotely adjustable magnet bars, results in highest product quality and extended campaign times.

Minimized downtime

Shortened maintenance time

The modular design and the ergonomic and ease-of-maintenance layout of the core components significantly reduces your machine downtime during cleaning and regular maintenance.

Optional hydraulic lids for the entrance, buffer, transfer and exit chambers avoid the need for heavy-weight overhead cranes and additional storage space, making the Leybold Optics GLC H series more efficient in terms of operational costs and floor-space utilization.

The Leybold Optics GLC H coaters are compatible with a selection of PLC interfaces, enabling you to connect to process control systems and networks of your plant. Integration into manufacturing execution systems (MES), automation and data management systems is part of our portfolio, which helps you to optimize your value chain.

Two standard sizes are available, for US (2590 x 4200 mm²) and Jumbo (3300 x 6100 mm²) glasses. The standard glass transport system covers all architectural glass dimensions from 2 to 19 mm thick, glass formats (PLF, DLF, cut sizes and shapes) and load scenarios like multiple batches and mixed mode. A combined-mode option for the chambers processes overlength glass sizes for special applications.

The Leybold Optics GLC H offers two different basic coater configurations. For small to medium throughputs, from 2.0 to 9 million m² a year, a single entry/exit chamber configuration is the right choice. While for medium to high throughputs, from 5.0 to 22 million m² a year, a two-stage entry/exit chamber is the configuration of choice. The modular design allows flexibility to upgrade the coater.

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