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Biscuit wire cutter and depositor

Meincke V60

Create products filled and decorated innovatively with the Meincke V60 depositing, extruding and wire-cutting system. It handles semi-liquid batters, soft deposited dough, stiff wire cut dough, chocolate fillings, and low-fat extruded applications.

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Key benefits

Built for easy maintenance and high hygienic standards

Easily access all necessary parts of the Meincke V60 for easy operation and simple maintenance. It also features a cleaning-in-place (CIP) function. The nozzle plates and the pump house can be removed and the hoppers are tiltable for easy cleaning.

More flexibility for a larger product variety

Create deposited, wire-cut or extruded products with up to three masses and injections. Switch between the three depositing heads or use them all at once to keep your production flexible. Full recipe control lets you change the output easily and quickly.

Designed for high output at highest accuracy

Sophisticated products require special attention to detail and heightened accuracy in weight and shape. The Meincke V60 was designed with that in mind. It even allows a gentle handling of inclusions, such as chocolate, nuts or fruit pieces.

Highlight features

Accurate output

Flexibility meets precision

The Meincke V60 comes with up to three depositing heads for quick output changes. Combine different depositing techniques, such as with one head, or depositing dough with two heads and jam with a third. The material flow path is very short, so you have more flexibility with the range of processed materials, and an accurate extrusion and deposit.

Sophisticated products

Anticipating trends with the Iris cutter

From cookies filled with creamy chocolate to colorful treats with fruity insides, consumer trends show a growing demand for multi-colored products with different fillings. This product type is also known as encapsulated products. With the Meincke V60, complex creations such as multi-colored cookies or two different fillings are possible.

Product refinement

Beautify your encapsulated products

The secret for finely shaped encapsulated products is pretty simple. After being deposited they are refined by die stamping or pattern rolling. Die stamping uses a stamp to decorate products, while pattern rolling consists in flattening the product first, and then decorating it with a patterned roller.

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Application possibilities

The Bühler process

Efficient in every step of production

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