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High-performance bead mill


The MicroMedia high-performance bead mill delivers higher production capacities, better energy efficiency and higher quality in almost any application in the wet grinding industry.

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Key benefits


A wide range of processing chamber materials allows tailoring the process to your precise needs.

Maximum efficiency

Smaller beads and the highest power density bring you higher performance with maximum energy efficiency.

Higher performance

Cutting edge technology delivers higher product quality for you.

High performance bead mill


Improved product quality

Thanks to the high flow capability, a narrow particle size distribution can be achieved, ensuring improved quality in your final product.


Optimal bead separation

The use of small beads requires optimal bead separation to maintain a high recirculation flow. All of the components in the MicroMedia are finely tuned, making handling of the micro beads effortless.


Matching your process needs

The wide parameter range of the MicroMedia allows for an ideal adaption to the specific grinding requirements of your process. Packaging inks, inkjet inks and high-performance coatings are just some of the industries benefiting from MicroMedia technology.

Our automated control system offers operator guidance to simplify the correct operation of the machine. The controls are easy to use, which makes extensive training unnecessary. Various features, such as start ramps, ensure fast production start tailored to your product.

We work with your team to plan and implement a wide range of options from a single machine to a complete plant tailored to your process, bringing the best technology and application experience to create highly efficient solutions.


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