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Grist mill

Minicompact SE

The Bühler Minicompact SE grist mill provides optimal grist composition, delivering high yields and short lautering times. It offers high throughput in a compact space and processes malt, barley, broken or white rice, sorghum, and corn grits.

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Key benefits

High safety standards

With a proven safety concept and its various features for tailor-made explosion protection, the Minicompact SE meets high safety standards.

Grinding different malts and grains

With the addition of the optional two-gap function, two preset roller distances can be selected for every passage. With this function, the gap between the rollers can be effortlessly changed, adjusting it to different types of grain.

High throughput of malted or un-malted grains

With a throughput of up to 3.2 tons of malt per hour, this grist mill is the perfect allrounder for craft and medium-sized breweries and distilleries with yields from 50 hl to 100 hl per brew.

Highlight features

Safety first

Protect your plant against dust explosions

The Minicompact SE is dust-tight and pressure shock-resistant. Its permanent magnet removes metallic objects, the emergency disengagement prevents the rollers from passing foreign material. In a worst case, the device for flameless explosion venting quenches flames, while the discharge airlock prevents the explosion from spreading.

Adjust the grinding gap

Grinding different malt and grains was never easier

The grist mill's two passages can be adjusted independently of each other. This helps to easily adjust the roller gap for different malts and grains. With the optionally available two-gap function, you can select two preset roller distances for every passage.

Sampler optionally available

Reproducibly test your product

An optional sampler for controlling grist composition can be added. The sampler allows safe sampling of crushed grains with reproducible results.

The Minicompact SE has a robust and compact design with an integrated outlet hopper. This reduces the space required for installation and facilitates the use when limited space is available.

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