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Scraped surface heat exchanger

Mondomix Mondotherm

The Mondomix Mondotherm is a heat exchanger for the continuous heating or cooling of viscous liquids or liquids containing particles that cannot be handled by a plate type or tubular heat exchanger due to their consistency.

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Key benefits

Mobile unit

The Mondomix Mondotherm is mounted on three stainless steel legs and can be installed anywhere in the processing line without the need for a platform or wall attachments.

Clever vertical design

Since the product moves from the bottom to the top, there is no risk of entrapped air. Thanks to its vertical design the Mondomix Mondotherm does not take up much space.

High hygienic standards

The Mondomix Mondotherm is a food safe construction without dead corners. All product contact surfaces are stainless steel and cleaning fluid is pumped through the Mondomix Mondotherm to clean the machine without having to dismantling anything.

Highlight features

Gently heating viscous creams

Cooling through heat exchange

The Mondomix Mondotherm consists of a vertical jacketed vessel. The product enters at the bottom and is raised by the pump, where it is continuously scraped to obtain the right viscosity before exiting through the top.

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The Bühler process

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