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Single-screw extruder

The multifunctional single-screw extruder offers a modular design to meet a wide range of process requirements for your pet food and aqua feed production. Capacity, screw speed, torque and pressure options provide excellent versatility.

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Key benefits

Modular design for variable use

The modular process components can be easily adapted to higher capacities and different processes and upgraded with additional modules, offering you the flexibility you need for multiple product manufacturing.

State-of-the-art technology for reliable process control

The extruder's intelligent recipe memory helps you to deliver consistent end-product quality every time. It also helps you to minimize process and operator errors and makes it faster to switch between different recipes.

Focus on minimizing downtime for highest profitability

High sanitation standards, excellent workmanship and an outstanding price-performance ratio make the extruder a profitable solution for pet food and aqua feed extrusion.

Modular technology ensures success

Performance features at a glance

Two-stage preconditioner for a consistently high product quality

The two-stage preconditioner separates the mixing zone from the retention zone. This ensures optimal, intensive mixing at high screw speeds, as well as gentle retention across a narrow time range at a low screw speed. The material inlet is positioned vertically above the outlet for ease of use.

Cleanability and food-safe production

Feeder screw as transition between preconditioner and extruder

The enforced infeed on the new feeder screw enables you to achieve higher throughputs with a higher filling degree. This also results in stable running conditions and improved production safety. To ensure the best accessibility and reduce the risk of cross-contamination during cleaning, access is from the side.

Modules improve flexibility and food safety

Modularity to fit the equipment according to your needs

Additional modules such as density control module, SME Module, extruder end barrel valve and hygienic cutter can all be configured to suit your production and process needs.

The extruder is equipped with a user-friendly and intuitive touch screen control system for your operators. Safety circuits prevent damage from improper use. Emergencies trigger automatic shutdown of the extruder to protect the machine, your operators and your production quality.

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