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Multi-pass pet food dryer


Our Solis pet food dryer, with its dual-plenum airflow, delivers the quality and moisture content you need for a diverse range of pet foods. Hygienic design and energy-efficient performance ensure productivity and high sanitation at all times.

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Key benefits

Uniform moisture content

The Solis features a dual-plenum airflow that ensures uniform moisture content at the dryer exit, bringing you a higher-quality product and a higher yield.

Focus on energy efficiency

Everything, from airflow design to motor selection and construction, is aimed at making the Solis more energy-efficient.

Cleaner process, safer product

Hygienic design and careful selection of components mean the Solis offers you a clean operation, safe pet food, and improved process uptime.

Highlight features

Fines management

Keeping your fines under control

A unique and innovative fines management system in the plenums stops fines from collecting, avoiding airflow problems and the opportunity for bacterial growth. A flat wire mesh belt continuously moves along the plenum, bringing fines with it. The loaded belt empties at a collection point at the end of the dryer, where you can take the fines away or reintroduce them to your extrusion process.

Hygienic design

Focused on food safety

Addressing the increased focus on food safety regulations, the Solis dryer is constructed from 300 series stainless steel, providing a food-safe environment throughout the drying process. An open-channel frame, sloped surfaces, and a slab floor reduce the ability for fines to collect and harbor bacterial growth. This also reduces cleaning downtime.

Product uniformity

Designed for consistency

Whether drying standard kibble or premium extruded pet food, airflow is critical. The Solis’ dual-plenum airflow delivers uniform product at the outlet side of the dryer, at exactly the right moisture content. Heated air blown in from both sides of the conveyor ensures your pet food is evenly dried across the entire width of the dryer. This approach brings you higher yields and also saves energy.

Direct-drive recirculation fans and energy-efficient drive motors help to improve energy efficiency. These components also help to reduce maintenance costs and downtime by being easy to access and eliminating additional parts that can be costly to repair or replace.

An insulated slab floor helps to hold the heated air in the dryer. The slabs are welded together using TIG welding to reduce the opportunity for bacteria to grow. All of the exterior doors, fixed panels, and lift-out roof panels are insulated, gasketed, and fully welded, making the Solis extremely efficient with heat-retention.

An optional support structure, constructed from stainless-steel round tubing, reduces the area for fines and other debris to collect, while making cleaning easier. The structure puts fewer feet on the factory floor, making the area below the dryer more accessible. It also features a rolling support for the dryer modules, accommodating thermal expansion and making installation quicker and easier.

Direct drive fans add to the energy efficiency of Solis.
Floors, roof and exterior panels feature 100mm of insulation.
Hygienically designed support structure helps keep the Solis clean and makes installation easier.

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