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Three-roll mill


The Trias three-roll mill sets the industry standards for performance, operating reliability and repeatable quality in the production of your high-end printing inks and pasty products in a diverse range of applications.

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Key benefits

Higher productivity

The Trias features extremely high roll speeds and excellent cooling properties to bring you higher productivity.

Flexibility to meet your precise needs

Camberless Viva roll technology, efficient cooling and cleanroom execution give you the flexibility you need for your precise application.

Repeatable product quality

The automatic control of roll pressure and gap allows constant and repeatable product quality.

The three-roll mill for the highest demands

Setting industry standards

Innovation that makes a difference

Reliability, high raw material yield and gentle dispersion of temperature-sensitive products are key properties that can make a difference to your process. Trias also shows superiority over other technologies with regard to gloss properties of printing inks and is ideal for contamination-free processing of sensitive products.

Product range

Unique product properties

The narrow particle size distribution and the high shear rates allow unique product properties. There is no deformation of size or geometry of the primary particles, which can be essential for the de-aggregating and de-agglomerating process steps. In respect of product viscosity, Trias offers an extremely wide operating range that cannot be achieved with other technologies.

Roll pressing

Enhanced pressure range

The precise and powerful roll pressure unit generates linear loads from 5 to 120 N/mm (P-rolls 90 to 120 N/mm), significantly wider for both low and high roll pressure than traditional mills. Products can be processed in a low roll pressure range (5 to 25 N/mm) for better repeatability. Higher roll pressures can be used for more efficient dispersing of tough products.

The pivoting stainless steel safety cover enables the loading of the rolls using a pump, a press-out device or manual application. The electrically detected catch basin protects the pinch point under the apron. For safe cleaning, roll-in protection is included.

The Premium control package displays all of your operating parameters and allows process visualization with automatic control of roll temperature, speed and pressure. You can combine this with Bü̈hler's data logging software, WinTrend, for continuous process monitoring and integration with higher-level quality management systems.

Our unique Viva camberless roll technology works with any roll pressure and is designed to guarantee equal product quality along the entire roll length, offering you repeatable product quality with even coverage.

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