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The Twitor table separator processes coffee, oats, barley, spelt, rice, millet and other grains. Its new servo drive can cut energy consumption by 50%, improve operating reliability and reduce maintenance costs.

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Key benefits

Energy efficient

We have upgraded the Twitor’s servo drive. It can now cut energy consumption by up to 50% compared to our previous model.

Adjust the separating process in real time

You can change the Twitor table separator’s frequency, stroke and inclination during operation.

High separating efficiency in a small space

You can combine a primary and a final separating deck in just one machine, saving space and building costs.

Highlight features

Choose between two designs

Single-deck and double-deck grain separating

The Twitor table separator is available in two designs. Choose the single deck for standard efficiency. Or use the double deck for high efficiency in a smaller space. The double deck combines a preliminary and a final separation deck, cutting out the need for an extra building level or extra conveyor.


Improve safety during the milling process

Panels protect the machine’s moving parts and you can only open the panels with a key. This helps prevent accidents. The control system permanently monitors the process and automatically disengages the rollers if it detects a problem.

Low maintenance

Low-frequency oscillations, low noise and an oil-free roller floor

The Quick Pack roll pack reduces vibration in the processing plant by absorbing its own dynamic forces. The table separator is powered by a toothed belt power transmission. This is designed for easy maintenance, is very quiet and avoids oil spills on the roller floor.

The grain and products are spread evening across the rollers. This is due to a wide inlet and the constantly changing speed of the feed roller. This all ensures a very high level of grinding.

Sensors permanently measure the temperature across the roller and the bearing assemblies. There is a sensor strip across the front of the rollers. If the temperature gets too hot, an alarm goes off and the main motor automatically shuts down. This helps avoid accidents and prevent damage to the machinery or product.

Food safety is essential. We have made the interior entirely from stainless steel. This helps with easy cleaning and cuts out rust. We have also insulated and ventilated the inlet. This stops condensed water from building up when hot spelt, oats, corn or other products enter the separator.

Online sensors measure the size of the particles. This automatically controls the grinding gap, accurately and in real time. This maintains the right grinding action and a high-quality end product.

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