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Our Pulsar mill has been designed for grinding various nuts and seeds like peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds, sesame seeds, cashews, pistachios and many more to a smooth and tasty paste.

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Key benefits

Fast changeover without waste

Changing from one product to another can be done in a matter of minutes without wasting any product. The completely stainless-steel grinding chamber can easily be cleaned with oil or water.

Reducing your carbon footprint

Compared with conventional nut paste production, Pulsar has a much lower energy consumption of only approximately 10 to 20 kWh/ton.

Smooth and tasty pastes of highest quality

The innovative grinding process of the Pulsar, with its corrugated stator and high-speed rotating pins, allows for the production of smooth and tasty pastes of the highest quality.

What is the Pulsar?

Highlight features

Large field of application

Grinding solution for various nuts and seeds

Our Pulsar mill has been designed for grinding various nuts and seeds such as peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds, sesame seeds, cashews, pistachios and many more to a fine paste. Due to the high speed of the pins, pastes with a fineness of between 25 and 40 micrometers is achieved with just one Pulsar.

High quality grinding

Grinding chamber; unique and beneficial

The fast-rotating pins on the rotor and the special stator enable highly energy-efficient grinding while producing excellent product quality. The large amount of fat released from the nuts and seeds results in a smooth and tasty paste. The water-cooled stator allows grinding at the product's lowest outlet temperature and thus ensures optimal product taste, texture and color.

Food safety

Hygienic design – down to smallest detail for safe food production

To meet the highest level of food safety, all materials in contact with the product are made of stainless steel. Additionally, the machine frame and feet are hygienically designed and made of stainless steel which ensures easy cleaning. The product stream is completely closed and a magnet or a metal detector for all metals is optionally available for removing foreign matter from the incoming nuts.


Fast product changeover

Cleaning before changing to another product has never been easier. The cleaning agent container provided has a volume of only one liter which is sufficient to clean the grinding chamber without wasting any product.

Fast and easy service

Low maintenance

Although the machine requires little maintenance, the design concept allows fast and easy access to all parts. The drive and rotor are assembled on a linear guide and can easily be pulled apart for deep cleaning. The additional moveable assembly allows user-friendly handling and dismantling of the feeder unit.

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