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Pasta Technology Workshop

Uzwil, Switzerland
Senior employees in pasta production, plant management, pasta technology and quality assurance.

This Pasta Technology Workshop will help your participants to understand pasta process technologies and to learn how to successfully operate modern pasta equipment. Drawing on our global experience, this hands-on course explains the theory of successful pasta production. It then directly links what you have learned to practical applications in our well-equipped pasta pilot plant.

Course content

Principles of pasta technology:

  • Basics of milling technology 
  • Raw materials in the pasta industry

Extrusion process:

  • Extrusion technology
  • Gluten-free pasta
  • Extrusion workshop
  • Dough and structural development in the production of wheat pasta
  • Pasta dies handling and workshop

Drying process:

  • Drying and structural stabilization in the production of pasta
  • Production equipment for pasta drying 
  • Temperature and humidity sensors

Various topics:

  • Methods for analyzing raw materials and end products including Demonstration in Bühler's analytical laboratory
  • Digitalisation in the pasta industry
  • Assessment of pasta quality

Basic understanding of the management, operation or engineering of pasta production.

  • Online training with our experienced pasta experts
  • Training documentation 
  • Certificate of participation
  • Lunches , coffee during breaks
  • Two social evenings with dinner


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