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Continuous moulding line


Our new ChocoMaster line offers you spot, ribbon and one-shot depositing in continuously moving moulds. Its flexible design allows you to produce a wide product range with high plant availability, variable throughput and the highest quality standards.

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Key benefits

Modular design tailored to your process

The individual process stages can be tailored to precisely meet the needs of your chocolate products.

Designed for hygiene

The ChocoMaster brings you the highest hygiene standards, with doors and claddings made of noncorrosive materials both inside and out.

Gentle processing technology for consistently high quality

Due to the uniform tempering of the entire moulds, you can achieve even product gloss with optimal demoulding quality.

Highlight features

Precision depositing

Consistent filling in every mould

The high-precision depositing process and optimal shaking allows you to produce constant weight and quality chocolate forms in each individual cavity.

Product quality

Uniform product quality along the line

The chain is driven by servomotors that deliver a smooth mould motion along the entire line, producing uniform and parallel chocolate pieces, every time.

Highly flexible

Suitable for a wide variety of chocolate styles

The ChocoMaster is designed to make it easy to switch between products. You can use it for the reliable continuous production of chocolates, bars, tablets with or without inclusions, tablets one-shot and aerated chocolates.

Using our global experience across chocolate manufacturing, we can customize your solution to meet your precise requirements. Our experienced engineers can help you to plan, implement, and support new technology to improve quality, efficiency, and safety for your plant.

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