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Inline wafer block buffer

Franz Haas HEIP

The Franz Haas HEIP inline wafer block buffer absorbs jams caused by production interruptions. Wafer blocks can then be fed back into the process without any upstream production loss.

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Key benefits

Saving resources

Keep valuable resources in the process. The standard Franz Haas HEIP can stack up to 30, the high capacity version even up to 45 wafer blocks per minute. Unstacking is performed at a recovery speed of up to +20%.

Delicate product handling

The inline wafer block buffer gently handles wafer blocks, preserving them for further processing.

Smart buffering

High degree of automation, user friendly operation. The intelligent, dynamic software logic ensures fast reaction times and seamless functioning of the buffering system, assuring the shortest possible product dwelling time in multiple scenarios.

Highlight features

How it works

Keep control over your products

Micro-interruptions are the most common cause of inefficiencies. Foil ruptures or small malfunctions can result in piled-up wafer blocks that need to be removed manually. The standard Franz Haas HEIP works as a buffer and stacks up to 30 wafer blocks per minute to avoid downtimes and product loss.

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Application possibilities

The Bühler process

Efficient in every step of production

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