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The advanced technology of the GrindDefine achieves tailor-made and consistent particle size distributions. High precision roller gap and temperature control makes it the preferred choice for all ambitious grinding applications.

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Key benefits

Superior consistency – never too coarse, never too fine

The proven high precision gap setting mechanism ensures total gap control and roll parallelism. A touch screen and intuitive process control software make the management of grinding parameters easy and provide complete process monitoring.

Cutting-edge high-performance roll temperature control

The unique and revolutionary design of the high-performance roll temperature control with peripheral drill holes marks a new era in advanced coffee grinding technology. It maintains a pre-set operation temperature over an entire production run.

Innovative scraper system for minimal product residues

A new scraper system in the processing zone of the grinder minimizes product residues, resulting in a very smooth grinding operation. It also makes your product changeovers fast and simple.

GrindDefine high-precision coffee grinding

Wide application range

Master particle size distribution

The GrindDefine was specifically designed for high-precision coffee grinding and tailor-made particle size distributions. It provides the precision you need for ambitious grinding tasks such as capsule production and fine grinding. The modular set-up allows for a wide application range, including instant, filter, espresso and ultrafine coffee.

Operational excellence

Designed for your 24/7 production

The robust design of the GrindDefine makes it a reliable 24/7 grinding workhorse designed for a long life. Our durable Bühler double-layered centrifugal die-cast rollers have a long lifespan and can be re-corrugated numerous times. The roller package design and extraction device minimize service downtimes for roller replacement.

Monitoring and control

Smart process control and intuitive HMI

Process parameters are managed by recipe and are continuously monitored. Trend curves and graphic displays show the status and performance of the process. Operators interact easily with the machine via touch screen or from a remote control room.

The roll gap, roll velocity and differential speed, corrugation settings per grinding stage and many more operation parameters allow you to match your target particle size distribution for each coffee product.

The hygienic processing zone is made of stainless steel. Large easy opening service doors provide rapid access to the rollers and make cleaning fast and easy.

Using our global experience across coffee manufacturing, we can customize your solution to meet your precise requirements. Our experienced engineers can help you plan, implement and support new technology to improve quality, efficiency and safety for your plant.

Key topics

Billions of people come into contact with Bühler technologies to cover their basic needs for food and mobility every day. Our motto is creating “innovations for a better world.” Find out more about our key topics.

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