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The Polaris MQRG is a high-throughput, high sanitation grain purifier. It is used to purify and grade semolina and middlings in wheat, durum wheat and corn mills.

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Key benefits

Lower energy consumption

You can control the airflow and air distribution, helping control and reduce energy use.

The Polaris meets top sanitation standards

The Polaris purifier is completely enclosed and meets the most rigorous international food standards set by the FDA, BRC and IFS.

High throughput capacity

The Polaris has wide 520 mm sieves and a screen length of 4 × 500 mm, which offers a large area to process the grain. This can increase throughput by up to 20% compared to other purifiers with the same footprint.

Key features

Large sieve area

A stackable, high throughput purifier

The Polaris has wide 520 mm sieves and a large sieve area. It also has a product feed system, which accelerates the product as it enters the purifier and spreads the product across the whole screen. This increases the amount of grain you can process at any one time. You can also stack two purifiers on top of each other to double capacity on the same footprint.

Food safety

Designed for top sanitation standards

All the parts of the purifier in contact with the product are made from stainless steel and materials that meet global sanitary standards. You can also easily access and clean inside the machine through panels in the housing.

Flexible use

Use the Polaris for a wide range of applications

The Polaris is very versatile. You can process a wide range of grains and applications with just one size of machine. Use for soft or hard wheat milling, durum milling and corn milling.

Key topics

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Application possibilities

The Bühler process

Efficient in every step of production

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