Automation Services

Your trusted partner in automation

Automation Services

Your trusted partner in automation

Bühler creates tailored automation solutions to help you maximize uptime and optimize performance. With over 5,000 installed plants worldwide, Bühler is the global automation partner you can trust. 

Our global process and industry expertise is backed by local support, ensuring that we deliver tailored best-practice solutions that comply with your local standards and regulations and meet your precise needs.


Automation explained

Bühler Automaton brings you a remarkable range of options designed to enhance your product quality and safety, productivity and bottom line, whether you are taking your first step in automation, building a state-of-the-art new plant or modernizing your existing factory.

Explore our deep knowledge of your challenges

Specialist solutions for your industry

You can choose between our professional solution Pluto PCS or our Mercury MES, the ultimate solution in factory automation, to suit your needs. The solution can be tailored to your line, plant and factory; and we can handle everything, from planning and implementation to maintenance and support. 

The Mercury MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is a full factory automation system, which integrates all processes to increase efficiency and traceability, for a clearer look at your key data. 


Industries: Animal feed, Aqua feed, Baked goods, Breakfast cereals, Cocoa & chocolate, Coffee, Grain handling, Insect technology, Malting, Nuts oilseeds, Pet food, Pulses & spices, Rice & paddy, Wheat & grain and further applications.

The Pluto PCS (Process Control System) focuses on controlling the production, safeguarding the equipment and monitoring selected production parameters. It is specifically designed for small to medium size plants with simple and continuous production parameters. 


Industries: Brewing, Grain handling, Pulses & spices, Paddy & rice, Wheat & grain and further applications.

Why choose us?

5, 000
Installed plants
We cover the complete lifecycle from project idea to service and support. This simplifies your project management and gives you a single point of contact with clear responsibility for delivering to the agreed specification.
Automation Specialists
With regional technology centers and over 90 service stations in 170 countries, we are never far away. Our automation specialist understands your local compliance and regulations needs as well as your specific industry challenges.
Years of experience
We have a deep understanding of best practice. From basic automation to future-proofed IoT solutions. Whether you are a single producer or a global enterprise, you benefit from the strategic approach that has made us a world leader.

Customer Success

Don't just take our words, what counts is what our customers have to say about us. We have a selection of customer success stories where each company shares their experiences with Bühler. 

Our new Bühler plant control system WinCos® allows us to view all the important data at a glance.

C.K. Joshua, Chairman, Jamii Milling, Kenya

Our main concern was downtime. We needn’t have worried. Bühler managed the transition perfectly.

Barry Kelly, General Manager, James Neill Ltd., UK

Bühler is excellent at building flour mills and we are pretty good at running them.

Mike Peters, Managing Director of Whitworth Bros., United Kingdom

At the heart of the Mill E3 lie more than 15,000 data points collecting information on all aspects of the production process. It is the volume of data being analyzed, along with the cutting-edge application of blockchain technology, that will enable the most efficient, transparent, and consistent production possible, and therefore the highest quality product.


The new plant, built for the UK’s largest miller Whitworth Bros. Ltd., is situated in the north of England at Whitley Bridge in Yorkshire. The opening of the first Mill E3 is a key staging post in the journey to the SmartMill. The data generated and analyzed at the Whitley Bridge plant will drive the evolution of milling technology from the current data assisted mill into a plant capable of using its own process parameters in a closed loop to optimize production. This development of the self-adjusting mill will be the precursor to the SmartMill.


  • The Whitworth Bros. mill is set to impact the entire milling industry by redefining future digital services.
  • The opening of the Mill E3 is the culmination of nearly two decades of close cooperation between Bühler and Whitworth Bros.
  • Read the detailed story or watch our on-demand digital event
We are convinced that the cooperation with Bühler in this ambitious project will support us to reach our business goals.

Pasi Lähdetie, CEO of Suomen Viljava, Finland

Bühler will deliver a package of fully engineered solutions to Suomen Viljava, which includes the cleaning, dehulling, kilning, cutting, and flaking, bagging, and load out. The entire line will be controlled by the Mercury Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Bühler’s full factory automation system that integrates plant control and processes to increase efficiency and traceability. Bühler digital solutions also play a key role in improving productivity and reducing operating costs. Service modules such as Yield Management System (YMS)Error and Downtime Analysis (EDA)Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and Bühler Insights Replay will be fully integrated in the high-tech oat mill.


  • New solutions integrated into existing building, taking advantage of the infrastructure already available. 
  • Save resources while offering the most technological advanced solutions in the area. 
We could restart the plant after four days. So, we were two times faster than what I expected.


Upgrading a mill's automation system usually means a complete shutdown of production. Thus, a quick and error-free installation and start-up is essential to limit costs associated with the production downtime. Together with our costumer Zwicky specialty mill in Switzerland we were able to upgrade and commission the automation system in only four days.


  • Integration of four production systems to one central control point
  • Preconfigured adapters reduced the wiring time by more than 90%
Mercury and Bühler are setting new standards for product safety and for the whole process as well as traceability.

Willi M.Grüninger, Chairman of the Executive Board, Grüninger Mühlen

Grüninger Mühlen has decided to modernize its automation system and expand it to integrate all processes of their production. To be ready for the future and embrace digitalization, they went for the latest in production automation: Mercury MES. Having control over the complete production greatly simplifies their everyday work. Mercury provides transparency to take the correct actions quickly. 


The customer’s production manager Philipp Marquart is particularly impressed by the web-based interface. Operators can now tweak the production system not only from the control panel, but from anywhere in the production, taking over control on tablets or smartphones. 


  • Mercury integrates all processes of Grüninger’s production chain 
  • Operating Mercury on different devices provides a new level of flexibility
  • New KPI overview makes production parameters transparent
  • Mercury builds the basis for added digital services
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