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Five-roll refiner

Finer™ S

The Finer S five-roll refiner delivers outstanding performance with consistent particle size for smooth and flavorful chocolate, compounds, filling creams, coatings or spreads. The innovative drive concept can reduce your energy costs by up to 15%.

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Key benefits

Designed to process a vast range of chocolate masses.

Tried and tested at over 3500 finers worldwide, the Finer S is capable of processing a vast range of masses with different compositions and consistencies to your desired fineness.

Hygienic design down to the smallest detail

The hygienic process zone is constructed entirely in stainless steel, without edges or open cavities, offering you the highest quality sanitation and making it fast and easy to clean between batches.

Reduce energy consumption by up to 15%

The energy-saving drive concept delivers better sustainability with up to 15% less energy consumption. The converter-driven main motor can also optimize throughput, giving you up to 10% more productivity.

Highlight features

Best in class refining

Precise adjustable particle sizes for high quality end products

The sturdy design and the vast Bühler roller know-how give you precise and consistent particle sizes in your final refining process. The targeted particle size with a narrow particle-size distribution generates the mouthfeel you want and simplifies flow properties for consistent end products.

Recipe storage

Easy to switch between products

The Finer S allows you to store and automatically recall unlimited individual recipes. Ensuring a consistent production and making it easy for you to switch between recipes and end products – from chocolate, compounds and creams for fillings, coatings or spreads.

Automatic particle size control

Reliable product quality without interruptions

Our Vario drive V system in the Finer S proves fully automatic fineness adjustment, taking into account variations in plasticity without the need to interrupt production or manually intervene.

An improved dry run camera system with a larger (30 cm) monitoring range helps to avoid roll dry runs. Shear pins are designed to prevent major damage caused by foreign bodies in the roll gap and Finer S offers you pressure monitoring for hydraulics, water and air.

With ProfiNet, ABEthernet and WLAN interfaces, you can run and monitor your refining process from smart mobile devices. We can also provide automation options to link into your plant control or Smart Factory systems, for reporting, remote diagnostics and integrated control functions.

Using our global experience across chocolate manufacturing, we can customize your solution to meet your precise requirements. Our experienced engineers can help you plan, implement and support new technology to improve quality, efficiency and safety for your plant.

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