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High-compression mill


The PesaMill high-compression mill produces a wide range of flours, including atta flour and wholegrain flour for flatbreads. It sets new standards of food safety, flexibility and energy efficiency.

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Key benefits

Increased energy efficiency

The PesaMill is powered by two direct drives with a motor and gearbox. These are more energy efficient than belt drives, helping to lower energy costs.

High level of food safety and sanitation

The PesaMill is made out of food-grade materials. Thus, it is more hygienic than the traditional stone mills. Flaps in the housing also allow you to access and easily clean inside the machine, helping to maintain a high level of food safety.

Designed for reliable 24/7 operation

The PesaMill has durable, wear-resistant steel rollers. This helps to minimize plant downtime and increase productivity.

Innovative grinding technology

Grinding gap adjustment

Produce many different types of flour

The PesaMill has a grinding gap adjuster, so you can produce different qualities of flour. You can accurately adjust flour characteristics such as starch damage and water absorption using the circulation system and grinding gap adjustment.

Sturdy design

Consistent flour quality

The high-compression mill is sturdy, even under demanding production conditions. The system can also immediately restart operation after a power failure, all helping to keep a consistent quality of the flour.

Atta flour

Use to produce atta flour for Indian bread

A single PesaMill can replace up to twenty traditional stone mills used for atta flour production. Its design is more hygienic than that of traditional atta flour stone mills. You can also adjust flour characteristics to produce a whole range of Indian bread, such as chapatis, rotis and puris.

We know we need to offer a process to produce all kinds of flour, acceptable to all regions in India.

Jayasimha Reddy, Project Manager

We have made a revolution in the atta process, as we have brought new technology into the market and replaced old stone mills.

Stephan Weinmann, Project Manager

The PesaMill is the key grinding component in a CombiMill. This process can produce a wide range of flours, from standard bakery flour to dark and wholegrain flour for products such as Arabic bread, pitta bread and markouk.

We run more than 10 application centers around the world, including Bangalore, where you can come and test new recipes and explore our new technology. Work with our expert engineers and food technicians and learn more about market trends.

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