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The Seginus MPAS sifts and sorts all types of grain-based products, including wheat, rye, corn and durum wheat. It has a powerful throughput and compact design thanks to an innovative magnetic drive. It also processes sugar and chemical products.

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Key benefits

Compact design thanks to an innovative drive

The magnetic levitation drive ensures that the Seginus MPAS is fitted compactly into the base of the machine. This gives the Seginus a small footprint, so you can fit more machines into the space available in your mill.

Customize your own plansifter

The Seginus MPAS can hold between 14 and 22 sieves. You can either install it as a free-standing unit or suspend it from the ceiling.

Designed for top food safety

The Seginus MPAS also has insulated doors and inner walls. This prevents condensation and damage to the product. NovaPur sieve stacks made of high-grade polyurethane as well as stainless steel frame inserts meet the highest sanitation standards.

Highlight features

Compact and powerful design

Integrated magnetic drive saves space

The drive is a major innovation. It works like a magnetic levitation train. A magnetic coil and magnets move the drive circularly. You can vary the speed for different products. The drive is integrated into the base of the machine, saving around 30% of floor space. Compared to other compact plansifters, the Seginus provides up to 20% more throughput.

Food safety

Polyurethane sieve frames for extra sanitation

Opt for our NovaPur sieve stacks for top food safety. They are made from high-grade polyurethane, with stainless steel frame inserts. The design is wood-free, with no nails or brackets, helping prevent contamination. The frame also has rounded corners, designed for easy cleaning.

Flexible use in two sizes

Used in the grinding process or as a control sifter

The Seginus MPAS comes in two sizes. It can be fixed or suspended. The MPAS-114 comes with a frame. The MPAS-122 comes with a support frame or it can hang directly from the ceiling.

“The Seginus is easy to clean because the frames and sieves are made of plastic. It’s easy to open; you simply take the door off and put it to one side. You can then take the sieves out easily and clean the plansifter really easily.”

Erwin Leitner, Head Miller, Rieper, Italy

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